Things To Watch Right Now- October 2018

I moved house at the beginning of this month (as mentioned in this post here) and pretty much all I have done since then is sit on my ass and watch tv. Which if you watch my insta-stories will come as no surprise. And there have been so many good things to watch over the last few months. Like TV is really stepping its game up. If none of the things in this post take your fancy then check out
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This is Us
This is one of those shows that I heard a little bit about in American award shows etc but I feel like in England its not that raved about. I don't know anyone else who has watched this show but it is so bloody good. Not a lot of shows make me cry, and not a lot of shows make me cry from the first episode. I blubbed like a baby at the end of episode 1.
This is Us is about family and a group of people who all share the same birthday and the dynamics and challenges from that. It's also funny and all the characters are really well written and likeable. Definitely one of the best series I have seen this year

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Killing Eve
The first of a few BBC shows I've really loved. Rather than individually listing them I'm going to sum them up here in my top 3.
Bodyguard comes in at number, not the Whitney/Kevin Costner film although that is deffo worth a watch. The one staring the gorgeous Richard Madden, or how he'll probably always known to me, Robb Stark (may he rest in peace). Although it's really gripping, some good plot twists its at number 3 because I felt a bit slow and a bit unrealistic at times. Unlike Game of Thrones which is completely true to life, obviously.
Then comes in a number two, The Cry. 4 part little series about a couple who's little boy goes missing. Again some great plot twists, and really interestingly mirrored some theories about real life true crimes  but I hated everyone of the characters in it. I think that was the point but I would have liked at least one person I was routing for.
 Then comes at number one, the brilliant, witty, stylish and cool; Killing Eve. This show is all about a a security operative (Sandra Oh) who hunts down an assassin (Jodie Comer). Sandra Oh is brilliant funny and likeable as Eve Polastri and Jodie Comer's performance as Villanelle is iconic. With splashes of humour and a bad guy you actually kind of end up liking and routing for.

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The Haunting of Hill House
I love scaring the shit out of myself, therefore horror is always my favourite genre of film and tv. It is very rare that horror films actually scare me as I always say, there is nothing scarier than real life. Turns out there is and its The Haunting of Hill House.
I genuinely couldn't watch this show later than 9 for the first 5 episodes and then I would say it either gets progressively less scary or I became numb to it.
This show follows the Crain family as it flashbacks and forwards between their childhood living for a summer in Hill House and between their lives now. All of the characters are so well written and well liked, except Steve. You'll get it if you watch it. A really good horror to watch over Halloween.

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I'm still not 100% sure what Maniac was or is but I know I liked it. Sort of psychology meets sci-fi staring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill who play two individuals who take part in an experimental pharmaceutical trial. They're think that this new drug will cure all their problems and boy have they got problems but that doesn't go quite according to plan. A strange and heart warming show that is truly unique.

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
As a 90s child I feel like you either grew up watching The Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. I was the latter and like most late twenty somethings who watched Nickelodeon, I grew up watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch.
Unlike the new Charmed reboot, I was open to the idea of there being a new Sabrina mostly because it sounded like it would be much darker. Don't get me wrong I do really like it, the first few episodes I was really into. I really like the vibe and the soundtrack too but I'm currently on like episode 6 and I'm not like rushing every night to watch it but I'm watching it because now I've started it. It might just be the last episode I watched and it might pick back up towards the end. I like it but I'm just not madly, deeply in love with it. Who knows but I'm still gonna give it ago. Particularly because I know they will eventually cross over with Riverdale and I really like that. I just feel like its missing a Jughead or a Betty to make me fall in love with it and keep watching.

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Other shows that have new series that have been just been released;

Which you can read more about in this post
Season 3 is currently out on Netflix

The Man In The High Castle
Season 3 is currently on Amazon Prime Read my post on season 2 here

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  1. Killing Eve is definitely on my list! The Haunting of Hill House was exceptional! One of the best things I’ve watched all year!


  2. These are the type of information we need to see online.

    Thanks to people like you we are still able to get useful information.

  3. Ohh, I love Riverdale! I also want to watch Sabrina as I loved it as a kid, so I'm excited to see the remake. Also, since my trip to Bucharest, I've been meaning to give Killing Eve a go as it was supposedly filmed in Bucharest. I loved that city, so I wouldn't mind seeing more of it, haha! x

    -Leta |


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