Things To Watch in September 2018

Usually I grace you with one of these Things To Watch posts at the end of the month but there has honestly been so much I've watched lately that I highly recommend, as you can see from this post here and the second part here.
Nothing makes me more excited for autumn (other than toffee apples) than new things to watch on TV. And if you are going to be watching something over the autumn season, you want it to be in high definition, beautifully bright and with incredible display. Which is why this post is in collaboration with Panasonic and their incredible Panasonic 4K LED TV's. Personally although I love the cinema, I don't like leaving the house in the autumn/winter season unless absolutely necessary so I like to watch films and tv shows on a something that gives me that cinematic experience and from a well known brand you can trust for high quality.

American Horror Story

The falling of the first leaf and the start of American Horror Story is how I know Autumn is coming. Season 8 doesn't start till the middle of the month for the US and later in the month for the UK (boo hiss). However season 7 has just been uploaded to Netflix which is a perfect chance to catch up, or binge watch the whole 7 seasons if you haven't ever seen it before. For those new to AHS, its an anthology series based around horror. I really liked the last series, Roanoke prior to that was a bit meh for me but Cult really brought me back to AHS's roots. My favourite series are in the following order; Murder House, Coven, Cult, Asylum, Hotel, Roanoke, Freakshow.

Series 1-7 on Netflix

Season 8 premiers in the US Sept 12th and UK September 28th, watch the trailer here

Dark Tourist

If you like dark, weird, intriguing things about the world or Louis Theroux documentaries you will love Dark Tourist. David Farrier, a New Zealand journalist tours the world's most unusual, often macabre destinations. From visiting disaster zones to places obsessed with certain serial killers. David takes you around the world and gives you a first hand honest view on these different destinations.

Another great documentary by David Farrier I've just started watching is called Tickled and is available on Amazon Prime. It's one of those documentaries that starts as one thing and then turns out to be another which is my absolute favourite kind of documentary.

Dark Tourist is available on Netflix

Sharp Objects

When going away I wanted some sort of TV show to watch on my travels so I picked Sharp Objects after hearing a recommendation from my older sister. She was so right about The Handmaids Tale (ft. in this post) so I knew I would love it.
 Sharp Objects is a gritty drama staring Amy Adams in a type of role I've never seen her in before. Saying that the only Amy Adams film that instantly comes to mind is Enchanted. It will also make you go to IMDB and go "what's he/she in" about so many of the characters.
Sharp Objects is about is about a journalist named Camille who confronts her psychological demons when covering a murder and missing person case in her home town. It's one of those whodunnit kind of shows, where I was fresh off of listening to 20 hours of True Crime podcasts convinced I knew who the killer was and then at the last minute I was like OHMYGODHOWCANITBETHEM. Love a good plot twist. I watched it on Sky it was on the catch up but its also available to buy online.

A Quiet Place

I watched A Quiet Place in the cinema a few months ago and really loved the concept of the whole film. Its scary but in like an eerie way because it is literally quiet the majority of the way through and does have a few jumps but its a clever kind of horror film and not like any other I've seen.
 The film is about a family in a post-apocalyptic world where they are forced to live in silence from monsters who have super good hearing. Written, directed and starring John Krasinski and starring his wife Emily Blunt off of The Devil Wears Prada and many other great films. This is a perfect Autumn/Halloween type of film and I cant wait to watch it now it is out.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

This was one of those shows that was hyped up and talked about everywhere on social media so like the sheep I am I decided to give it a go. I did like it, and its a good film if you like pre-teen romance but its not as life changing as I feel everybody made out. Although I do have a crush on Noah Centineo which I feel ever so slightly creepy about because he's 6 years younger than me. 
The premise is a teenage girl, instead of telling her crushes how she feels about them, she writes letters. She has 5 letters in total, each for a different crush over the years and then these letters somehow get sent to her crushes and it kind of all unfolds from there
It is a good film if you are a teenager or you like romcom's. It's not going to change your life but it is a good heartfelt film thats easy Sunday afternoon watching.

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  1. I'm 30 but I loved To All The Boys so much! It's so pure and sweet! Sharp Objects was stressful but so worth it. I started watching American Horror Story but I'm too much of a chicken!
    Holly |


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