Where To Buy Affordable Workwear

I think a huge part of work and establishing yourself is dressing the part. I've always been drawn to office wear attire and its probably now my favourite style of clothes to shop for. 
A lot of people think that workwear is super expensive but I think they just don't know where to buy affordable workwear. I tend to buy pieces I know that will last me a while and that are staples that you can mix and match and don't go out of 'style'. Below are some of my favourite retailers.


ASOS is one of my all time go to shops because they have loads of brands, all in one place. The ASOS A List points they have are amazing as well. Last month I got a £15 voucher in return for all the clothes I'd bought the month before. They're also my favourite place to by workwear from, particularly their ASOS Design collection is a big firm favourite of mine. 

New Look

I've gone through fazes with New Look where I love everything to not being about to find anything but lately its the former. I have so many pieces from New Look in my work wardrobe like this faux leather skirt, which they also have in a grey, both under £20.
 I also swear by New Look shoes, they're affordable but also comfortable and really last.


People tend to see Zara as really expensive and some of it is but their basic stuff and some other pieces are really reasonably priced and they are durable. They tend to have sales quite often where you can get some really great pieces for a bargain price and they currently have a fab little sale going on.

Blazer- £19.99
Trousers- £12.99

Blazer- £29.99

Shirt- £29.99

Skirt- £15.99


Much like Zara, can get a bad rep for being a bit overpriced and some of it is. But you can find a pair of trousers for £25 or a work handbag for £26. Most of the things I've bought from Topshop have lasted me years. I have a Gingham skirt I've had for about 6-7 years. Where as all the cheap clothes I purchased from Primark are long gone. 

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