5 Weekly Things I Do For My Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Often their regarded as two different things but they're both part of you and its important to keep both in check. So just like I make sure I eat well and drink plenty of water, weekly and daily I make sure I do certain things to make sure my mind is kept healthy.

1. Talk
If I'm not feeling ok it's important to me to talk and be honest about it. Have you ever felt so pent up about something and the second you say it out loud, you realise its not as scary or stressful as you think. And people can offer advice and share their issues too and you realise you're not so alone.

2. Therapy
Recently I've started seeing a therapist to talk about my mental health and within the last month of doing so, I have seen a huge improvement in myself and the way I think and react to situations. I have been on anti-depressants on/off for 10 years and it got to the point where I felt although they helped alleviate my depression and anxiety it also sometimes masked it and I never dealt with the root of the problem. I was offered therapy via the NHS but the waiting list is huge, so I literally googled therapists close to where I live and found one that way. It costs me £40 for an hour session and I've noticed a huge improvement in my mood and thinking.

3. Read
Recently I've tried to find ways to be off social media/my phone especially before bed and I've found reading really helps with that.

4. Bathe
Even on my worst days if I make sure I've at least showered then I feel like I've accomplished something. Also I'm just obsessed with baths. I find being around any sort of water calms me. I think its because I'm a Leo and we're all kinds of fiery and the water helps soothe that. I can get into a bath in a bad mood and leave it feeling a completely new person.

5. Mindfulness
Recently I've been using Headspace to meditate once a day. When you say meditation you expect Eyal from Love Island or someone cross legged chanting. All it is is spending 3/5/10 minutes just breathing and getting away from the world and focusing your thoughts for a short time. I've found it really helpful and its a free app you can use which is even better.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips, I think they're great and I definitely apply some of these too. My anxiety is pretty bad atm because my mum is awaiting results from a scan on a cyst so my mind is racing at 23073 miles per hour. Talking about it and having her reassure me what's happening really benefits my mental health. I'm glad that reading has helped too!


  2. I have been seeing a counsellor since December and it helps so much!


  3. I'm thinking that I need to find a therapist for the longer term. I'm currently receiving counselling from Mind, but it's only a 10 week course. It's really helping and I think I would like to continue afterwards. I'll have to look around like you did.

    Alice // sullialice.com


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