5 Things I Do Every Sunday For A Successful Week Ahead

I love Sundays. I worked in hospitality for 5 years and dreamed every day that I would one day have weekends and evenings off and I promised myself when that day came I would cherish every second. And to this day I have kept that promise. I use Saturdays for socialising but Sundays I use for a mix of getting shit done and chilling out. As well as catching up with Love Island, these are the things I do every Sunday;

Change My Bed Sheets
Studies show that most people change there sheets every 4 weeks when in actual fact, experts recommend changing them every week. Not only are fresh sheets the comfiest thing ever in existence, lots of bacteria can be lying in your sheets which can cause infection and could even be the reason for your bad skin breakouts. I try to do mine every week these days for this reason alone. 

Clean Out My Handbag
I find that after a week my lovely organised bag is filled with receipts, wrappers and biscuit crumbs. To avoid a huge build up and make sure I have everything I need for the week, I clear out any rubbish and pack what I’m gonna need for the next day. That way I’m not running around in the morning trying to find my house keys. I also always pack snacks and water bottle so that I don’t end up wasting money and also saving the environment by not buying a bottle of water out.

Prep My Meals
I don’t necessarily go into full meal prep mode but I at least organise what I’m gonna eat for the week, and at the very least prepare my lunch for the next day. I usually do this with a food shop that arrives at some point over the weekend, usually a Friday because delivery is slightly cheaper. 
I usually always make my own lunch just so I don’t spend twenty minutes of my lunch break trying to figure out what I fancy from the shop and also not wasting money.

Prepare My Outfits
Prepping my outfits the night before has honestly changed my life. In the early hours of the morning when I’m half asleep this always feels like such a chore and I can never find what I want. Instead I make sure everything I want for the week is washed and ironed and then hung up waiting for me the next day.

Being organised for the week is important but so is being in a good frame of mind so it is important that I find time to relax, whether that’s a bath, read book or watching my favourite film. I'm an introvert and my energy comes from being alone every now and again so I make sure I also find time to recharge. Sundays are a day for me time and checking in with myself 

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  1. I do my sheets every Saturday morning like clockwork! I love fresh sheets - the smell, the feel, everything!
    I had never thought to do a weekly handbag cleanout though - will add that to my list of chores!
    xx Bry Jaimea | bryjaimea.com

  2. I actually go to meditation on Sunday night which I think sets me up really well for the week ahead!



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