Things To Watch Right Now: May 2018

If you're unsure what to watch on Netflix right now, I've got your back. I tend to do one of these What To Watch Right Now posts every month or sometimes every other month, if not much has inspired me. This month there have been so many great shows on Netflix that have had me absolutely hooked but here are 6 that I've picked and binge watched. 

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Made by the same producers of American Horror Story (another one of my favourite shows) and several other shows like Glee or Nip/Tuck. American Crime Story is a true crime anthology series and is now on its second season.
 The first series The People vs. O.J. Simpson was incredible and gripped me from the get go focused around the trial of O.J. Simpson for the death of his ex wife Nicole.
Equally this series has been incredible. It follows the story behind the assassination of Gianni Versace who was shot outside his home in Venice Beach Miami. Darren Criss is incredible as the unhinged Andrew Cunanan who shoots and kills Gianni. Unlike the O.J. case, I knew very little about the Versace case and I never knew there was so much back story to it and how tragic it all was. The show unravels the build up to his murder and then the fall out for his sister Donatella, played brilliantly by Penelope Cruz.
I've just finished watching the last episode and I have so many emotions. I really enjoyed this series to the point I will probably end up re-watching it in the upcoming weeks. If you like anything crime related and want something gripping and at times disturbing then give this a watch.

The last 4 episodes are available on BBC iPlayer
Or buy the series on Amazon

Brooklyn Nine Nine

This is one of those shows that I always watch in the background when its on E4 because its lighthearted, easy watching and you don't necessarily have to follow a plot of any sort. Recently I was struggling for a new series to watch on Netflix and I wasn't feeling anything too intense so I decided to give all four series a watch. If you haven't watched it, its about a police presinct in Brooklyn, New York. Although there is a lot of humour, there's also a lot of heart and I'm now really emotionally invested in Jake and Amy's relationship. If you're looking for a show to cheer you up and isn't going to make your head hurt too much then this is the show for you. Plus there's 4 seasons to binge!

Watch it on Netflix

The Good Place

Starring Kristen Bell off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Veronica Mars and Frozen. Created by Michael Schur who is also behind Brooklyn Nine Nine and one of my all time favourite shows Parks and Recreation.
It's main character is Eleanor Shellstrop, who dies and goes to The Good Place which is a town where those who have been good in their lives go to in the after life. Eleanor realises quickly that she is not supposed to be there and should be in The Bad Place, as she was not a good person in her life. With the help of her friend Chidi she tries to become good and earn her spot there. Again this is a really lighthearted show and there's an unexpected twist. Nothing makes me happier than a show with a twist.

Watch it on Netflix

Bates Motel 

I've drifted in and out of this series for a while and when I drift back in, I forget why I ever stopped. Well recently I've drifted back in and I'm determined to finish it.  For those who don't know, it's a prequel to the film Psycho, a portrayal on how Norman Bates came to be. The series starts with Norma and Norman buying the motel, escaping their past which quickly catches up with them. The series focus is the dynamic between their relationship and as the series goes on you see how Norman's psyche begins to unravel. A really good drama and a show to watch if you're want something suspenseful to watch.

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Lemony Snicket's; A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I've mentioned this show before in this post here. I loved the Jim Carrey film, based on the books and I've loved seeing the books truly come to life in the series. Neil Patrick Harris plays a great Count Olaf.
 The story focuses around Violet, Klause and Sunny Baudelaire, three children who become orphans after their parents die in a mysterious fire and then get passed from distant relative to distant relative. All whilst trying to evade Count Olaf who is trying to steal their enormous fortune. The second series as been just as good but sometimes it can be a little repetitive but still it's really enjoyable.

Watch it on Netflix

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  1. I just started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine literally a day before they announced they were cancelling it. Although I just heard they picked it back up after all that, which is awesome because even though I only watched one episode I already like it.

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