5 Small Ways You Can Become A Morning Person

I’ve always lived my life as a night owl. I often wondered as a teen who favoured sleeping till 3pm, how to become a morning person. Then when I went to uni with so many late nights in the SU and night clubs and in my early twenties I started working in hospitality, it only got worse and I started to think I’d never see the day I’d become a morning person. Over the last year however I’ve had a “normal” office job and Ive had to adjust to early nights and earlier mornings. These 5 small ways have helped me become a morning person. I definitely would still rather stay in bed all day but getting out of bed at 6am doesn’t seem so hard and believe it or not I actually like going to bed before midnight.

Eating Breakfast Every Morning
I've changed my routine to ensure I always have breakfast and its genuinely changed everything. I function better, I'm more productive, I have more energy and it makes mornings more enjoyable. I also get excited to wake up and have breakfast as I'm very much motivated by food. I'm careful not to have anything too sugary or super caffeinated first thing so that I don't crash and burn by midday.

Don't Snooze!
Although you think getting that 5 minutes extra sleep will make you feel more awake, you my friend are wrong.
In the morning your melatonin levels start to fall naturally to let you know when its time to wake up. This is also when cortisol, the stress hormone kicks in. Cortisol levels peak just before you wake up meaning your hunger and energy levels prep you for the day. Continuously waking up, hitting snoozer and falling back to sleep confuses your brain and it struggles to register when it should trigger the right hormones which leaves you feeling more tired when you wake up. So next time you consider hitting snooze, think is it worth it.

Getting Up
Don't sit in bed and trawl through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Get up and get out of bed when you're alarm goes off. I've found that this makes a huge difference to my day and I have more energy and I'm not rushing around as much. Plus less time on social media is good for your brain

Being Organised The Night Before
Rather than rushing around to find my keys, prepare lunch and decide on an outfit, I do all of this the night before to avoid stress, bad outfit choices and a poorly made lunch. It means I have less to think about first thing and I'm not worrying before bed about all the things I have to do and therefore sleeping better

Drinking Water 
I keep a reusable water bottle with me at all times but especially first thing in the morning. Rather than having a strong caffeinated beverage first thing, I keep my body and mind hydrated in the morning which is much better for you than a coffee first thing

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