How To Feel More Like An "Adult"

I used to think having a car, a mortgage and a marriage would make feel grown up but there's more to how to feel like an adult than that. I don't know if you ever feel "grown up". I certainly don't. When I was 5, I thought you would hit your mid twenties and suddenly everything would slot into place and you'd have all your shit together. 
But at this time I also had an imaginary friend and thought Santa was real, so what did I know. 
There are a couple of things that I've incorporated in my life over the last few years, that make me feel like ok, I kind of have it together and I'm kind of an adult now. 

Save for your future
I'm not talking about thousands but just whatever you can spare. Instead of spending your money on Topshop bag, Starbucks and meals out, contribute something to your future. Where ever you can and when you can. Even if it's just a contributory pension at work if its offered to you. Don't opt out of it if its offered to you!

Stop comparing yourself to other people
Life is not a series of certain deadlines you need to complete by certain ages. Every person's story is different and varied. And remember social media is just someone's highlight reel. It is not a reflection of what their actual life is like. 

Get organised
Have you got a box full of bills from three years ago. Do you know where your birth certificate is currently? Buy some cute files and boxes from Paperchase and get everything organised. When I first did this it took a whole day but now every 3 months, I have a little clear out. 

Establish your independence
Do your parents still book your dentist appointment? Do they do your washing for you? Is your Dad still paying for your phone bill? Where you can take steps in doing things that help you stand on your own two feet.

Set A Routine
This isn't always easy to stick to but where you can have set days for certain things for instance:

Monday- Food Shop Day; because Mondays are grim but food makes it better. I order a food shop from Asda to be delivered and I plan my meals ahead for the week. Tuesday- I clean the bathroom and hallway. Wednesday- Because its hump day. I have a pamper evening. I tan, I do my eyebrows, I have a long bubble bath and have some me time. Thursday- I do a general tidy of the house; hoover, washing, give the kitchen a clean. Friday & Saturday- I set aside for socialising and Sunday I rest and eat roasts. 

Set weekly goals
Setting realistic achievable goals is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated. I try to set myself weekly or monthly goals of things I want to do and keep track of.I find that clearly setting your desires and intentions for the future.

What makes you feel like an adult?

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