4 Signs It's Time To Start Looking For A New Job

We spend the majority of our lives in work, and the people we work with can become like a second family so it's super important to feel good about a place you spend 40+ hours a week. Even the fact that you've clicked onto this post then maybe thats a sign you should start looking for a new job.

1. You Dread Monday's
I mean, who loves a Monday. But if you contemplate throwing yourself in front of traffic or eating 5 day old food on a Sunday night just to get a couple of days off, nows the time to start looking for a new job else where.

2. There's No Progression
I know we all like to think money is the main motivator but studies show that although more money is a temporary fix to a problem, eventually we will get bored and feel unmotivated in our job once again. If you feel you've reached as far as you can go, then perhaps it's time to find a company that challenges you with new heights.

3. There's A Bad Atmosphere
Let's face it, we're adults, and we don't come to work to make friends. That's just an added bonus! But if there's a bad vibe in your offices and it makes you feel uncomfortable then go look else where. Life is too short to feel unhappy in a job that makes you feel negative in anyway

4. You Just Want Something Else
You want a career change? A step back? A relocation? You know you better than anyone else in this world. Once you know, you know. If you feel in your gut that it's time to move on then you do you and start looking for a new job.

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