How I've Improved My Blog Photos

I moved last August to a lovely little apartment which I'm still totally in love with. Only thing is the lighting is soooooo bad. So especially in winter, taking blog photos has been a challenge and almost been a little demotivating when everything I try to produce comes out grainy or dark.

So after much investigation in how to take better photos, I decided to invest in a studio light. Although it seems a little bit extra to everyone who comes to my house who sees it and the tripod I have for my DSLR and thinks I produce pornos. Its actually changed my life.

 I bought this one from Amazon for only £29.99 and it's really simple to set up and really easy to get to grips with. Now I don't have to wait for midday on a Saturday or a Sunday to ensure I have decent light for photos. You can see below just how much better the quality of photos are



I highly recommend it if you're looking to improve your photos and make you life a little simpler. I honestly wish I bought one sooner because now its made my life so much easier.

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