Happy Galentine's Day

A holiday created by one of my favourite TV shows, Parks and Recreation and over the years has become more and more celebrated. If you don't know what it is, it's February 13th every year and its a day for gals to celebrate other gals. 

I'm definitely a girl's girl. I've bonded with more than one friend over being an exes of a guy and I'm 1000% a ride or die kinda gal. My friends are everything to me.

In my 27 years I've dealt with pretty much every friend you can think of. I've had great friends, I've had bad friends. I've had friends sleep with the guy I like. And I've had friends who are more like sister. I've lived with friends. I've travelled with them. I've had guy friends and girl friends.

And what I've learnt is;

  • Good gal friends are hard to come by. When you find them cherish them and make sure they know 

  • Your friends become like an extended family

  • Never ever put some guy you just met before your friends. No matter how dreamy he seems. Cause who's gonna be there to pick up the pieces if God forbid it ends

  • Stay away from friends who put you down or bring the drama. Real friends lift you up and its effortless

  • And support your friends no matter what they are going through

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