The Best Debt Advice I've Ever Been Given

Shopping is one of my favourite past times. Sometimes when I'm stressed, I just go shopping so I can be around clothes and it calms me down. 
 For some its the reason they get out of bed in the morning. Unfortunately, that is when it can all get a bit out of hand. After all, you can't shop without spending money, and if you spend too much, you are bound to get into difficulty with debt at some point. 

I've personally got myself into this situation and there is definitely something you can do about it. Here's a couple of tips on how to get yourself out of that debt and avoid that debt.

1. Avoid store cards

Store cards may seem like a great idea, especially for that item you just can't live without for the next OOTD. However, they are actually a really bad move.

The reason for this that they usually have a super high level of interest and that means you are paying an extortionate amount for the privilege of spending on that card. It can sometimes even more than you would pay if you put the purchases on your own credit card! That means one of the most important actions you can do if you find yourself in debt is payoff, and then stop your store cards altogether.

2. Go retro

Now I’m not talking about only wearing orange and brown corduroy flares here, instead, remember that the vintage and retro looks are very much on trend at the moment. Something that is fantastic because you can swap your Saturday mornings scouring the latest high street fashions stores, for a look around the charity shops. You can find some right bargains.
The reason being is that there you can find some amazing garments, and some very on trend items if you’ve got a good eye, all without it costing you a fortune. Something that means you can still do a little shopping while getting your financial situation in order as well.
Keep a look out for vintage markets in your local area too!

3. Get some help

If your debt situation is stressing you out and causing you to lose sleep, then it might be time to get some additional help. 

One such option is choosing a debt settlement agreement to help you with your financial situation. This is when you employ a company to negotiate reduced terms with your debtors. Something that can make it so much easier to get your debt cleared. It also helps you to avoid charges for late payment that you cannot make, and the worry of having your debts go to a collection agency as well.

Charities such as Step Change are also really helpful and can give free confidential advice. 

4. Address any emotional issues

Last, of all, compulsive behaviour of any kind, is often caused by an underlying emotional or mental health issue. That is why it's definitely worth your while to investigate this and see if this is the case for you. 

After all, no matter how robust your desire to quit compulsive shopping, if there is another intense emotion that is causing it, you are likely to not succeed. I found this post here really useful and may offer some advice on whether to seek treatment or not. 

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  1. These are lovely tips! I tend to have some problems with shopping as well. It's just so addicting. Either way, I'm happy that I managed to stay away from being in debt so far. I love your advice to try retro clothes, meaning charity shops or just second-hand clothing stores. You can find real gems there. Especially with this vintage clothing trend going on.

    -Leta |


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