The 7 Most Useful Free Apps For Your iPhone

Anyone else obsessed with finding new iPhone apps? I truly live by my phone these days to keep me organised, as somewhere to escape, to capture moments and even monitor my sleeping pattern. These are the top 7 most useful apps that I couldn't live without.  

1. Pocket
Without fail, I use this app every single day. Pocket simply stores articles/videos/blog posts for you to read later.
Before Pocket I would leave thousands of web pages open on Safari on my iPhone and either accidentally delete them and have to go scrolling through my history or forget all about them and never get round to reading them. Now whenever I'm scrolling in the day, I just save my articles/ posts till later to read before bed or when I'm home.

2. Pillow
I'm obsessed with tracking my sleep. One of the big influences in me purchasing a faux Fitbit (see my post here). Pillow is a free app that tracks the depth and amount you sleep and also has an alarm that gently wakes you when you are in your lightest bit of sleep in the morning. 
You can also buy an in app purchase to hear what you say or do in my sleep. So far all I've heard is my heavy breathing and my cats fighting. How horrific would it be if you heard a voice that didn't belong to anyone in your house. I feel like that's a great plot for a horror film. 

3. Canva
The graphic design app that is fab for blogging and I also have begun using for my full time job as well. Really easy to use and has so many cool tools. I would be really lost without this app. You can also use it on your computer which is useful.

4. Paper by Fifty Three
I tend to use this on my iPad Pro because the pencil is really good for this app but its also great on the iPhone. Great for anyone with a creative flair, who enjoys sketching or just somewhere to jot down ideas. When it comes to blogging I much prefer writing ideas out on paper to plan or prepare what I'm going to say and then writing up for much later. 

5. VSCO Cam 
I've wrote about this app so many times and I swear by it to edit my photos. The different presets you can use and the tools you can use to lighten and add contrast to your photos is fab. After Pocket, this is probably my most used app. 

6. Spending Tracker 
One of my biggest things is keeping track of what I'm spending and this year one of my new years resolutions is to get some debts paid off so I've been using my spending tracker religiously to keep and eye on my in-goings and outgoings. Really simple to use app and extremely useful. 

7. Buffer
The social media scheduling app. I use this to make sure I'm scheduling posts and also to keep track of my analytics. One of the things I'm bad at is once a post goes live, actually making sure that I share it. Buffer makes everything really simple and an app I couldn't recommend enough for anyone who uses social media daily. 

What are your favourite apps?

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