I Got A Record Player- My GPO Soho Turntable Review

I mentioned back in my post here, that for Christmas, one of the things I really wanted was a record player.
 Since I can remember my Dad had a passion for music and I think he's always had a record player and lots of records. Over the years he's vastly expanded his collection and I reckon he has well over a thousand records now. I've always wanted to emulate this and grow my own collection. As I'm hugely passionate about music too. 
So this Christmas my Dad treated me to my own little record player. He got me the GPO Soho Turntable (buy it here) which is exclusive to HMV but you can buy similar pretty much anywhere that sells record players. 
The GPO Soho though is pretty decent. Not only is it sleek, it plays a good sound and its loud. On some online reviews of other record players, I've read that the sound is fuzzy or not that loud. I think its a great price as well for someone starting out and growing their collection, its currently £49.00 on HMV's website and comes in black and cream.

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