How You Can Organise Your Day To Be More Productive

Even though I love to be organised, it does not come naturally. I have to work at making sure I get things done. Lately I've been more productive than ever and it's all because I've been really strict with myself and starting my day more organised that

1. Limit your desk to 5 items

As pretty as all of the pens and cute stationary is, clutter can get in the way and leave you distracted. I leave 5 things on my desk when I'm trying to get stuff done; 
- Diary
-A good pen (makes all the difference
-Camera/memory card
-Laptop/tablet computer

2. Write a to do list 
For so many reasons but the biggest is, I can feel overwhelmed with so much to do. Sometimes it feels like you should just get on with it and a to do list is taking precious productivity time but it helps to get everything written down. Mostly so that you can remember but also so you can prioritise what task is essential and what can wait till later

Time Frames
Give yourself realistic time slots on when to get things done by. For instance
9.00-9.30     Breakfast 
9.30-10.30   Research 
10.30-11.30 Social Media
11.30-12.30 Lunch 

3. Give Yourself A Break
Make sure you're not working straight through. It's not as productive as you think. Your brain and your body needs breaks here and there to refuel and recharge. I find the best break is to move yourself away from your work all together. Go for a walk if you can or sit in a different room and really let yourself switch off

4. Brief and debrief
Much like an essay or a good book; your productivity needs a good intro, a great middle and then a conclusion. Your day should be the same. As mentioned; I start with a to do list; my introduction. I get on with the work; the middle and then I look at what I've done, whether I have stuff to complete tomorrow, could I have used my time better. Its so important to reflect 

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