What's on My Christmas List This Year

Dear Santa, 
I'll tell you what I want what I really really want.  A puppy and the means and time to look after it. 
If you can't get that together then some of this will do I guess. 

1. A really cute record player
2. Some of my favourite albums to play on it
3. Something cute to store said records in
4. A Vivienne Westwood bracelet
5. That leopard print fur coat I keep seeing everyone in from ASOS
6. An Olivia Burton watch
7. Some cute threads from Topshop
8. A Boy Bye top for when I'm feeling sassy
9. Some MAC lipsticks. I'm nearly out of Ruby Woo so be a hun and get me another
10. And lastly an 18 piece make up brush set 

Thanks hun xoxo

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