Small Things You Can Do Right Now For a Fresh Start in 2018

It's nearly the end of the year and whilst I'm setting those New Years resolutions and reflecting on 2017, I like to think of the new year as a new start.
Nothing quite beats a new beginning and knowing you'll be starting afresh.
 I like to do it whenever I get a new handbag. I clear everything out of my old and put it into my new. I clean all my make up, put a notebook in and get everything nice and organised.
 And that's what I like to do with my life in a New Year. 

And like my handbags, in 12 months, yes my life will probably full of biscuit crumbs and receipts but that's when 2018's me can start afresh. 

1. Clean up your phone
Anyone else have a thousand apps they've downloaded and never used or constantly having notifications saying your storage is nearly full. 
Or maybe you have an update that you've been avoiding for the last few weeks. Now is the time to get it all done. Delete those 10,000 selfies and clear room for new memories. Clear out all messages from 2017 and start 2018 anew. 

2. Print your photos
Remember the days when you had to wait forever your photo to develop. 
Now we take photos, upload them to the cloud or Facebook and we never think of them again. 
How about this New Years you print all your memorable photos from your phone/social media and create a photo album of your year. 
Or if you're like me and keep memory boxes then how about you create a scrapbook of your year and put any ticket stubs or other memorable bits in there too.

3. Overhaul your wardrobe
A clean wardrobe is a clean mind. Be strict with yourself and get rid of anything that you haven't worn in the last year. Get rid of anything that no longer fits or still has the tag on.
 There's no point holding onto something you will never use. 
And then either sell whatever is presentable on eBay and earn yourself some money to treat yourself to new clothes or donate your clothes to charity and do some good. 

4. Delete your emails
Anyone else have 1000 unread emails in their inbox? Get the important emails you need to keep organised into files and then delete everything else. Also, unsubscribe yourself from any mailing lists that are a nuisance to you or something you don't need. Most emails will have an unsubscribe button at the bottom. Be ruthless. 

5. Unfollow on Social Media
I recently I have cleaned up my social media particularly Instagram, from accounts that aren't good for my mental health. 
Do you have an exes page you frequent too much? Is there a fitness account that you looked at after you've eaten your weight in carbs, with guilt? 

You don't have worry about being deemed petty. If someone's social media account makes you feel bad about yourself you don't have to follow them anymore. 
Let 2018 be the year you give yourself the love and body positivity that you deserve. And if you fancy following some accounts that might make you feel a bit more positive read this post here about Instagram accounts that you should follow. 

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