The Resolutions You Need To Make Yourself This Year

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
We control the way the outside world portrays us. Especially with social media. We snapshot the happy, perfect moments where we've carefully chose the right lighting and got rid of the washing in the background. No ones life is perfect. There is always something going on under the surface that we don't show the outside world. So this year please stop comparing yourself cause its likely the comparison is only half the story 

2. Appreciate The People Around You 
Sometimes we can take the people around us for granted and in the busy, hustle and bustle of life we forget the little things they do. Appreciate the people around you and the little things they do. Life is very short.

3. Cut Out Anyone Who Brings You Negativity 
I firmly believe that anyone who brings you negativity or their presence makes you feel bad about yourself, is someone you need to distance yourself from. This year make sure you only have people who are good for you around you.

4. Limit Your Time On Social Media
Social media is great. But there is so much more to life that you are missing whilst scrolling through your phone. This year actually talk to people. When you're having a meal make sure you put your phone away and actually talk to whoever you're with. 
Instead of scrolling through twitter before bed, read a book. There is a world out there beyond your phone.

5. Put Your Health Above Everything
This includes your mental health. If you need to call in sick, call in sick. Don't feel guilty or apologise for being ill. Make sure you eat right, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep.

6. Do That Thing You Always Say You're Going To Do
Make this the year you get that tattoo you always say you're going to get. Or transform that spare room you're always saying you want to make into a wardrobe. Plan that holiday you've always wanted to go on. Make this year the year you get shit done!

7. Be Kinder To Yourself
Remind yourself daily you're not perfect, but you're brilliant. Don't beat yourself up for your mistakes. Don't be ashamed to be sad or take some time to yourself. Stop feeling guilty for putting yourself first and make sure this year you look after yourself.
Of all the people in this world, you speak to yourself the most. Make sure you're saying the right things.

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