The Best Purchases I Made In 2017

iPad Pro

I bought my iPad Pro just before the summer kicked in and wrote a little post here about how it changed my life. Nearly 6 months on and its still one of the best things I've ever bought. I use it when travelling, I use it to plan, I use it to unwind, I use it to write and my five year old nephew uses it to play games on. His favourite FYI is this Santa beard shaving game, he finds it beyond hilarious. 

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Amazon Fire Stick 

Another great little purchase but from the beginning of this year. My Amazon Fire stick has been revolutionary. The Fire stick has all your usual streaming apps all in one little stick which is easily transportable, if you're on the go. Great alternative to anyone looking to not invest in a long term television contract. 
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Facial Steamer

Forever on the quest for blemish free skin, I was reading a Buzzfeed article about good skin and somebody recommended purchasing a facial steamer, so that is just what I did.
Think of that amazing feeling your skin has after a sauna, that's exactly what its like using this steamer. It opens all your pores and helps release all the dirt. I can safely say my skin has massively improved since investing it this. And its so affordable!

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A Fluffy Dressing Gown 

I bought this most recently in the Black Friday deals. My old dressing gown was on its last legs with make up stains I'll never be able to remove and had lost all fluffiness. So I saw this one on Missguided with 50% off so I decided to treat myself to this super cute gown.

My Red Coat 

 At the beginning of autumn, I purchased yet another coat to add to my collection of over 30. Mostly I go for a grey, black or a beige, maybe a pink if I'm feeling wild but this year red just felt right.
I bought this beauty from Primark back in October and its been part of my staple wardrobe ever since. Read my post here about it.

What were your favourite purchases of 2017?

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