How To Get Better Curly Hair

For the longest time I have admired curly hair yet hated my own. Whenever I tried to curl mine it just looked like a frizzy mess, so I've also just straightened it and the occasional curling wand
I see so many people with nice curly hair and I wanted the same for mine so I did a little research and decided to invest in some curling products.
I'm a big fan of anything by TIGI. I use their shampoo and conditioner so when I was looking for a styling product they were the brand that I turned to. 
I decided to buy Foxy Curls in their range and I have loved the results and experimenting with it. The first time I used a little too much and my hair went a little crunchy but I seem to be perfecting it as I go. 
Its so simple to use, you just apply to damp hair and then style as you usually would. As someone who always has their hair in one style, its just nice to mix it up a little. 

Buy yours here.

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