My Holiday to Barcelona - Review

Earlier this year, my Grampsy sadly passed away. And although towards the end we weren't the closest it still inspired me massively to change my life. Pretty much immediately I handed in my notice for a job that just didn't make me happy anymore and when we went to go visit his flat I saw the above magnet on his fridge. My dad and my uncles told me all about my Grampsy and his love to travel, especially on his own all around Europe. 
So that pretty much cemented that, that's exactly what I want to do. Luckily for more I didn't have to go alone. I went with one of my oldest friends and I had the absolute best time. 

The city is so beautiful and I loved everything about being there. We stayed in a beautiful hotel just outside the city but got buses there everyday. We visited the beautiful beaches and mooched around the city and gazed in awe at its buildings. We also bought 5l of red wine and got very drunk in our hotel gym and made music videos. 

It was honestly one of the best holidays I've ever had. 

We went a week after the terror attack and it gave me goosebumps standing where those individuals sadly lost their lives. But it made me feel all kind of emotions seeing everyone carrying on in spite of what had happened just a week before

I honestly couldn't recommend visiting this place enough. If I could I would go back in a heart beat 

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