October's Favourites

1. Halloween

I've mentioned a thousand times but particularly within my post about all the reasons why I love autumn. I love October and I love halloween. I haven't even dressed up this year but I've partook in lots of pumpkin carving (spoiler: I'm really bad at it, see below as evidence). But never the less I've been in full Halloween spirit.
Horror is definitely my favourite genre and I look for any excuse to watch my favourite films and scare the shit out of myself and most importantly eat toffee apples.

2. American Horror Story: Cult 

American Horror Story is one of my all time favourite tv shows and mentioned in my recent post about things to watch on Netflix.
The first three seasons of AHS wowed me but then the others always start well and they midway through the season they either get a little dull or they just do something that pisses me off and out of character and I end up watching the rest of the season but I ask myself why can't they make the series like murder house again.
Cult I feared would be the same. But so far every episode has me gripped and has yet to disappoint and shaping up to be one of my favourite seasons yet.

3. Stranger Things 2

Again mentioned in my most recent post Stranger Things is a series that I just fell in love with. A series about sci-fi and mysterious as well as a beautiful story about friendship. So I'm far I'm 7 episodes deep into the second season and I'm all about it. I don't want to share too much info as I know some people will savour it and not binge watch it in one weekend like I will. 

4. IT

Also a story about friendship, but also about a serial killer clown.
 I've now seen IT twice at the cinema and its probably my favourite film of the year and up there with my favourite horror films.
 It's funny but scary, gripping and the characters are well written. The film made me want to be part of The Losers Club, minus the murdering clown.

5. Winter Wardrobe

Most people fear the cold weather but I thrive best in it. I own more coats than I can count, I have a variety of different boots and an array of different scarves.
 This year I've been lusting after mostly statement coats and cute boots to pair with them. See my posts here and here for my current wish lists. 
And the coat below is from Primark and I discussed it in this post here.

6. Buzzfeed Unsolved

I think I've mentioned this a thousand times as well but I honestly love this series so much.
 Ryan and Shane are such a great duo and each episode is interesting but also humorous so when I'm watching it alone at 2am, in the dark, I don't feel quite as creeped out. They are currently airing their supernatural season every Friday on Buzzfeed Blue's Youtube channel with this  being their most recent video. They also have a true crime series which is seriously good. Honestly if you like things that are a little weird. They are worth a watch 

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