Mowgli & Baloo

Mowgli at the back and Baloo in front

It's national cat day today so I thought I'd write about the two men in my life. 
My cats, Mowgli and Baloo have been my companions for just over four years now. I got them when they were a couple of weeks old from the same litter and my life has been complete since. 
 No one can seem to tell them apart but me as they are both black cats but they have completely different faces and I can even tell them apart because their fur has different textures.
 Ball's is also slender and he has different shaped eyes and Mowgli is quite large. Their vet did once tell me he was overweight but I've monitored their food and he's trimmed down a bit since and is nice and healthy.

Left to Right: Baloo and Mowgli

I always grew up with cats and as much I love puppies and doggo's, I'm 100% a cat person. 

Cats get a lot of stick for being 'boring' or having 'no personality'. Those are two things that could not be said for my egg eating, door climbing, sleep disturbing furry friends.

Left to Right: Mowgli and Baloo

Some facts about my boi's
  • Baloo suffers from anxiety and he began pulling out his own fur when he was about a year old and we've never discovered why. He's perfectly healthy and happy he just seems to over groom himself and is now distinguishable by his little bald butt
  • They both have never bit or scratched me (over than the odd scratch from taking to the vet). They are the most affectionate, needy creatures I have ever met and they always go to sleep cuddling each other
  • I didn't name them but they're named after characters from The Jungle Book. Their names don't reflect their personalities in fact they would be suited the other way around. Mowgli is a big fat lovable bear and Baloo is the weird but lovable little feral child
  • They follow me everywhere I go. They watch me wee. They even sit on the side of my bath whilst I'm in it. They're obsessed with me
  • They are house cats and have never shown any desire to leave their cosy abode
  • Baloo leaves cat biscuits/ other food he can get his paws on by my bed or outside my door which according to pet psychologists, this means he is leaving food for me like they would do birds/mice if they were outdoor cats. The reason they do this is because they think I'm feeble and can't feed myself so they're helping me out
  • They don't really respond to their names so much as they do my voice. Just a few of the nicknames I have for them are; my babies, my bears, my pumpkins, my puddings etc. When they're annoying me they're usually referred to as dickheads or little shits
  • They really like being up high. They sit on top of shelves or cupboards and their ultimate favourite; doors
Left to Right: Baloo and Mowgli

Left to Right: Baloo and Mowgli

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