6 Steps To A Happier Week

1. Don't Think Positive 
Its so emblazoned in our culture, you must think positive. But trying to think positive is harmful for your brain. Happiness is not something that is achievable all of the time. It isn't a state, it is an emotion. Much like sadness or anger. And sometimes you feel those emotions and other times you don't.
 Trying to feel happy and positive all the time is just setting you up for a fail. And then often when you feel something other than positive, you end up beating yourself about it. Instead embrace when you are sad or happy or any other emotion. Don't feel bad or apologetic and just remember that it will pass. Read this article here if you want to learn more about the negative impacts of positive thinking.

2. Avoid Negative People
That person who brings all the drama or that person who says things that hurt you. It could be someone who is argumentative and has always got a negative opinion. It doesn't matter how long you've known a person or who that person is, if somebody consistently makes you feel bad then limit the time you spend around them.
 All circumstances are different but in my life, I have had a few insistences where this has happened. I will always try and amend the situation and let them see how they're behaviour is affecting me. But if nothing changes then I make the decision to no longer have them as part of my life.

3.Limit Your Time On Social Media
So many studies have found links to the amount of time you spend on social media to your mental health. I do truly believe social media can have lots of positive impacts to. Try not sitting on your phone all day. Spend time with friends or invest in a new tv series if you don't feel quite like leaving the house. Do something you enjoy like writing or cooking. Read something that inspires. Read my post here about things you can do rather than be on social media.

4. Look at Who You Follow
When you spend time on social media let the things you see to be positive uplifting images and words. I recently went through and began following lots of Instagram accounts that promote body positivity and more realistic accounts rather than those unrealistic ones with them always on holidays taking candid pictures in a bikini. I had found that I was going through and seeing the same old 'perfect' faces and 'perfect' lives. 
Also do you look for things to hurt yourself with? Exes or old friends. Look at your social media behaviours and if you are walking away from looking at someones page feeling bad then reassess this habit and look to trying to change it.

5. Treat Yourself Like You Treat Others
You speak to yourself more than anyone else in the world. Let those words be uplifting ones.
Be your own best friend and feed your body and soul with good things. 

And lastly...

6. Talk
If you aren't feeling 100% then talk to a friend, your partner, a family member or if you really feel you can't confide in anyone contact Mind and talk to someone there. The more you keep something concealed the worse you feel and the worse it seems.

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