11 Things To Watch On Netflix (UK) Right Now- Oct 2017

It is autumn, if you haven't noticed. And therefore it is my time to hibernate and wear lots cosy clothes surrounded by candles and binge watch new and old TV shows. 

I have a big passion for TV shows and films and I love nothing more than discovering new shows. I've wrote a couple of these style posts which I'll link at the bottom with other things to watch both on Netflix and other streaming sites. 

1. The Confession Tapes
A documentary about a series of different court cases in America where defendants admitted to their crimes on tape. Or were they co-erced into a false confession. 

Watch if you like crime documentaries and anything like Making a Murderer

2. Gerald's Game
A couple spend a weekend away spicing up their love life only to have the woman stuck in handcuffs and tied to the bed after her husband suffers a heart attack. A great Stephen King adaptation.

Watch if you like gripping thrillers/horrors. 

3. Autopsy: The last hours of...
Each episode goes over the autopsy report and the last hours of famous celebrities whom have tragically passed away.

Watch if you like gritty documentaries about death.

4. How to Get Away With Murder
5 students are selected by their bad ass law professor to help her solve criminal case but this soon leads to them getting in trouble with the law themselves. This show won Viola Davis and Emmy and deservedly so. 

Watch if you like Law related shows with a bad ass female lead 

5.The OA
I had to rewatch this again the other week after watching it a year ago. A girl named Prairie disappears and returns home after years of being missing. The thing is when she disappeared she was blind and now she has her sight back. The last episode makes me cry every time

Watch if you like anything a bit supernatural

6. Gaga: Five Foot Two 
An insight to one of the world's most controversial female singers as she records her newest album and in the lead up to her Super Bowl performance. This documentary made me walk away with a completely different view of Lady Gaga. I used to love her songs but I could never understand the theatre surrounding everything she did. This documentary explains that somewhat and then discusses her new stripped back image.

Watch if you like Lady Gaga or want to see a different side of her

7. Stranger Things
A young boy goes missing and his friends and mother aren't happy with the versions of events that the cops tell them. One of the best Netflix series I've seen. The characters are all so lovable. The story lines are well written and the second series is aired the end of this month!

Watch if you like IT or enjoy 80's style horror films

8. American Horror Story 
An anthology horror drama series. My favourite series in order are 1. Murder House (season 1) 2. Coven (season 3) 3. Asylum (season 2) 4. Hotel (season 5) 5. Roanoke (season 6) 6. Freak Show (season 4). So long as they don't ruin the latest series I think it will overtake Coven.

Watch if you like the horror genre and Evan Peters

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 
Written by Tina Fey this hilarious show is about a girl who is rescued after being in a cult for 15 years who decides to reclaim her life by moving to New York. This is one of the things I watch when I want something to make me laugh. The characters are so funny and well written. The whole show is very Tina Fey.

Watch if you like 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation

10. Thirteen Reasons Why
This series follows a boy called Clay who finds a box of 13 cassette tapes outside his front door. When he listens to them he realises they are from the recently deceased Hannah Baker who tragically took her own life. This show is so hard to watch for me but its a real insight to the after math of someone committing suicide. It has been heavily criticised but I think it portrays the fall out of suicide perfectly 

Watch if you need a good cry and like teen dramas

Other things to watch...

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