15 of The Best Things About Autumn

If I was in Westeros and if my house had it house words, it would be 'Autumn is coming'. Autumn is my favourite season for so many reasons as listed below. Its just the best time of year for being cosy and content. It as all the best holidays, shout out to Halloween and Bon Fire night. Spring and Summer's great and all and Winter has its moments but there's no one quite like Autumn.

1. Big ass jumpers and scarves. All of the layers.
2. Everything cinnamon scented. And spending all your money at Yankee candle 
3. Hot chocolates with extra whipped cream and mini marshmallows and edible glitter if you're feeling a bit extra
4. Halloween. Decorations, fancy dress, scaring the shit out of yourself. There's no denying its the best holiday going
5. Horror films. My personal favourite are anything from the 90s horror genre. I rematched Stir of Echoes last week and forgot how good it is

6. Winter coats and shopping for that perfect winter coat
7. Pumpkin carving
8. Speaking of pumpkins. Pumpkin spice everything. I don't care how basic it is
9. Crunchy leaves 
10. Toffee apple season. My alternative name for Autumn
11. 'Autumn' meals. Bangers and mash. Roast dinners. Pie and gravy. Basically anything with gravy.
12. Cosy nights in re-watching tv shows you've seen a thousand times before
13. Mulled wine. Home made or shop bought. Nothing tastes quite as Autumny as mulled wine 
14. Faux fur throws and sleeping under 20 layers of blankets
15.Autumn aesthetics. Like pine cones and leaves and Autumn colours like mustard, oranges, burgundy, red and brown

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