Ways To Self Love This Week

1. Read a book that feeds your soul

Whether its Harry Potter or a thriller or a self help book. Emerge yourself in something that excites you and makes you forget about the world whilst you read it. I have a few suggestions here.

2. Be alone

We're constantly surrounded by people in some form. Even when we're home alone we're texting friends or stalking someone online. Take some time to truly be alone. Maybe go for a walk with no electronics or a extra long hot shower/bath.

3. Write down all the things you're proud of

We often beat ourselves up for the things we didn't do so great like I constantly will remember that time when I was 7 and I forgot to take my little sister trick or treating so she didn't go. Or that time I was mean to a kid and said I didn't want to go to his party cause all the popular girls in school convinced me to. We rarely have moments where we look at back what we've achieved and how far we've come. Take five minutes this week just to reflect your journey up until now and all the great things you've accomplished.

4. Have a pamper day

Hump day is my pamper day where I put a hair and face mask and smother my body in lotions and make my outer self feel good so my inside also does. Just take an hour or two to do something to make yourself feel like the goddess you are. Get your nails done or those roots you've been meaning to touch up or buy something incredible and fancy from Lush. 

5. Have some soul food

Happiness for me is great food. Usually something I've cooked that has lots of vegetables and I've spent a long time preparing or sometimes just my favourite take out. Have a day where you're not overthinking about calories or cost. Just have something that makes your soul really happy.

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