My Visit To Chirk Castle- Review

My Visit To Chirk Castle

If you ever find yourself in North Wales and stuck for something to do, I really couldn't recommend Chirk Castle enough. A medieval fortress near Wrexham rich with history and some of the most beautiful furnishings and gardens I think I have ever seen. Its part of the National Trust, so if you're a member you get in for free, if not, its only £12.20 to get in and view the house and picturesque gardens. 
I'm a big history geek so I was in my element walking around such a historically rich building and every room was just beautiful from the original furnishings to the hand painted ceilings. 
Unlike most castles, that are just ruins, Chirk Castle is actually still fully in tact and theres so much to explore.
As I said the gardens alone are just beautiful and over look North Wales. Sadly I went on quite a gloomy day but even still it was just beautiful to walk around. From looking on their website lots of events seem to occur here as well including walks, half marathons and guided bat walk. Visit their website here.

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