July Blog Updates

If you're a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed I had a little re-design over the last week. I'm still not 100% with it but its getting there. In fact if anyone can recommend anywhere that does really cute blogger designs then holla at me because I only ever use the ones from Blogger and they just don't cut it sometimes. 
I think its good to not let a blog go stale and try new things. I'm the type of person who gets bored very easy and likes to change my surroundings and I treat my blog is the same. 

Some other new things are I now have a 'Shop My Wardrobe' section at the top of my blog, you can click here to see it. Instead of doing 'Wishlists' I'm kind of just putting it all there and updating it as much as humanly possible with bits I'm either lusting after of things I've actually bought.

Also I've started a section Insta page called 'What I Have Worn' and it kinda does what it says in the title. Its just a page full of my mirror selfies of outfits. I love have a place where I can store them all and I felt like my regular Instagram was getting a little cluttered with them so I'm putting them somewhere separate. Its actually a page I've had for a while and it has some previous questionable outfit pictures from years ago. I am slowly removing the really awful ones but I had like 200+. Anyone you can see/follow that Insta here.

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