Topshop Mesh Swimsuit

Its my sisters hen party next weekend and I was suddenly reminded that for one of the secret activities, I needed to buy and wear a bikini/swimsuit of which I didn't own as I haven't had a proper holiday in a thousand years. So I quickly headed down to town today dreading the idea of trying on a thousand things and worried about spending a fortune on something decent and one of the first ones I found was this little mesh beauty from Topshop and delighted it was only £22.

Unfortunately the black one is out of stock online but the fuller bust, khaki and orange are all still on sale.


  1. Oh love that swimsuit. It looks great on you. I may have to go try one on myself! :) x

  2. I love the look of this swimsuit - I'm going on holiday soon and I'm tempted to buy this for it! x


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