Life Update: June 2017

My last little life update was back in March, which really isn't all that long ago. I went through another patch of not really posting due to mental health issues and then I got back into the swing of things with blogging. I felt inspired, I bought my own domain. Everything was ok. And then life happened as it often does. My grandad past away and things got really hard for me and my family and it kind of hit me that my current employment situation in life was not making me happy anymore. 

Though my Grampsy lived to a nice old age, it really hit me that life is very short. Around this time I also finished watching GirlBoss which really inspired me, I talked about it here and it inspired me to re-read GirlBoss the book. Whilst I was at home with the family I read this quote 'What I know now is that nothing is universally boring- whats boring to you could be totally engaging to someone else. If you're bored and hating it, its a big sign that you're most likely just in the wrong place' and from that I decided I was going to hand my notice in. 

I've worked in the hospitality industry in the same company for nearly 5 years and though I had small part time jobs before. All I've known from my adult career is being in hospitality. The company I worked for are incredible if you're going into the hospitality industry. You couldn't ask for anyone more supportive and helpful. But what I came to realise is, I didn't want to be in hospitality anymore. And although hospitality has taught me so much about life, how to be organised, how to be stronger, how to be more confident and how to carry three things at once (which is so handy around the house when you need to carry three plates to your bedroom for you to eat in bed), its a tough industry to be in. 

A recent study has shown that working in hospitality is more stressful than being a neurosurgeon, read that here. And thats no exaggeration. I feel everyone should have to waitress or bar tend for at least once a week in their lifetime because it makes you more sympathetic and kinder when you go to bars or restaurants. There's nothing more soul destroying than being spoken to like a piece of shit when you've been on a 14 hour shift with 5 hours sleep the night before.

So yeah I handed my notice in. And my employment were extremely supportive of my decision. I had no job lined up, which I know is a little reckless but I knew in my gut I'd be fine. Firstly I had enough money to get through like 2 months and I decided if I didn't get anything, I'd move home.

 I could have looked for jobs and then handed it in but I know how I work. I'd felt unsure about working in hospitality a few times and applied for jobs but then ultimately decided to stay because I was comfortable and I'd persuade myself it was easier. I know I work much better under pressure, so I gave myself the ultimate pressure. I got applying for jobs and the first day I did, I heard back about one and then within 3 days I had a new 9-5 job which I've kind of been dreaming about for 5 years.

I may not enjoy it. I may miss the chaos of hospitality but I knew I had to try something and do something new, so I am.
And I urge you, next time you're out in a restaurant and your foods overcooked or someone forgot your side order. Please be nice 


  1. I totally agree with you about being empathetic towards others; most certainly! There's no need for unkindness in this world. I'm always polite and thank those in restaurants or any job, even if they forget something or if something isn't quite right. I will keep spreading the love for you lovely! :) <3


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