iPad Pro Review

I've always had sights set on an iPad, just cause I liked the idea of having one but I never really felt the need because surely it's just a big iPhone or a small version of a mac book. Both of which I already own so I felt it would just be a waste of my money.
Then lately I've been carrying my MacBook everywhere to blog and it's so heavy, I end up having to take an extra bag to carry it and I just worry about it getting damaged. So I started looking into buying an iPad, as I know people from work who've got keyboards for theirs and get loads of work done on it and have nothing but great things to say. 

This is when I read about the iPad Pro and saw about the iPad pencil. I spent a good week researching and deciding if this was necessity I needed in my life and since owning it now for well over a month  can safely say its changed my life.
I use it for everything; as a journal,  reading, a calendar and organiser, to do lists, somewhere to relax with colouring books, watch a film or drawing. 
I decided not to put any social media on it. It's my safe haven away from social media.

I originally wanted the 12inch one but since buying the 9, I've realised that is plenty and the 9 is much more practical for transporting around, which was its intended purpose when I thought about purchasing.
My only regret is buying the keyboard as I don't really use it as much as I thought I would. The pencil however is revolutionary. I use it to draw and jot down notes and I no longer have to carry a diary and a note book with me.

It has so many more uses it has amazing apps for creative types like Paper or Procreate. I know its become a popular tool with graphic designers and artists and I can see why. I almost wish I was a better drawer so I could use it to its full potential.
Its obviously not the cheapest thing in the world but I'm so glad I bought mine as its become so integral to my everyday life.


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