7 Tips on How To Sale Shop Productively

If you didn't already know its that time of year when the midsummer sales start. I will be sending two posts up today of my favourite picks from Topshop and ASOS, to save you the hassle of sifting through but for those gals who love nothing more than a little sale shop I have a few tips that I swear by to get the best out of sale shopping;

  • Subscribe: I know subscribing to newsletters just seem to clog your inbox and if your like me and never delete anything, you end up with 8000 emails. But subscribing to your favourite brands/stores is really worth it for firstly finding discount codes and also about finding out when the sales hit. And you can always email them to unsubscribe if you change your mind.                  Equally its worth following them on social media or downloading the brands app, for your phone, if you have enough storage, and letting them send you notifications the second a sale starts. 
  • Do it Online: I love nothing more than sitting in my pjs, watching Netflix, drinking a large cup of tea and shopping online. You just can't do that in store without being frowned upon. Online shopping has so many benefits. You can refine your search, you can compare with other stores. And most of all there's less pressure to buy something. You can always put it in your basket and then look again later after you've had a little think about it. And these days its so much easier to return items.
  • Don't Stop Searching: The thing about sale shopping is you really need to sift through. A little like if you go shopping in a charity shop or a vintage store. Yes there is going to be a lot of junk and you need to persevere in order to find an absolute bargain.
  • Forget the Fads: Things like peplum skirts, exaggerated sleeves, fringe, embroidered shirts. These a fads. Some stick around longer than others and some are just in and gone in a season. Go for items that you know you will wear again and again not just for a few weeks. I'm not really one to be like "Oh thats so on trend" but I am realistic when buying something about how many wears I will get from an item. Think of every item of clothing as investment piece. Ask yourself it worth spending £30 on something just because its half price , but you'll wear it once? That's a bad investment. A coat for £80 that you will wear everyday is a good investment!
  • Accessories Are A Gold Mind: I buy 80% of my accessories in sales. Things like handbags, sunglasses, jewellery and shoes are they generally don't change all that much season to season. Unless you for something a little extreme. But in every ASOS, Zara or Topshop sale you can always find a decent discounted black handbag or sensible shoe that is going to last you a couple of years. 
  • Reflect on Your Current Wardrobe: Do you have too many jeans but not enough casual shirts. Are you missing workwear bits? Do you have lots of key pieces but no accessories to jazz it up? Have you worn out your old Chelsea boots and are looking for a replacement pair. And when you see something ask yourself, how they would fit into your current wardrobe? 

And lastly...

  • Be realistic: Don't spend more than you have. Just because you're shopping in a sale, doesnt mean you are saving money. You are still spending money! Sales are there to help you buy things you NEED at lower prices not waste money on things you WANT. And buy correct sizing. Sounds so obvious but I so many times in the past have bought jeans a size up just cause I loved them and thought I could get away with a belt. I looked like I was drowning in them. If you really see something you like but can't see it in your size, then try calling local stores to see if they have it in. Sales assistants will always be super helpful and be informative. Or failing that eBay is always worth a shot.

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