The Denim Shirt Dress

I've mentioned before that I used to absolutely despise denim and jeans, probably because I spent the first years of my life in denim dungarees, oh the 90's. Then maybe a year ago I bought my first pair of jeans in years, in black and then in white and slowly I've been incorporating denim and jeans back into my wardrobe. 
The other week when I was out shopping for friends birthday presents, I saw this denim shirt in River Island and I really fell in love and since then its been one of the main staples to my daily wardrobe. Its effortless, its perfect for day or night and most importantly, you can eat carbs and bloat and no one will see.

It was only £35 which I think is pretty reasonable, and I've already worn it on 3 occasions, so I can see me, this summer getting good wear out of it.


  1. oooh I really like this, and it suits you so well ! xx


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