On Being Blonde

So this week I decided kinda spontaneously to go get highlights in order to gradually start going back blonde again. 
I've been blonde about 4 or 5 times now in my life and its something I always go back to. I've mentioned before as a teen, I aspired to be blonde with big boobs; basically like Pamela Anderson. The boobs never happened but I can always dye my hair and I go to and from wanting to be blonde and brunette every other year. 
My first attempt to be blonde ended up with 'sunset' hair. I basically let my sister use a box dye and it was horrific(see centre pic below). 
The second my sister, now a qualified hair dresser, dyed my hair with a full head of highlights and then we kept going from there. The third time, nearly all my hair fell out and it took several years to grow it all back and repair the damage I created to my hair. Look after your hair kids. And then I've dyed it twice after that.

I just feel like being blonde makes me more confident. It makes me want to experiment with different looks and different hair styles. It brings out a different happier, personality in me. I know at the end of the day its just hair and its definitely a placebo effect but it just makes me feel more like me, even though I'm naturally brunette. 
But for now I'm feeling the blonde life and thats where I'm heading. I'm not sure if I'll eventually get rid of all the brown and go full platinum again but we shall see.


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