My Summer Bucket List

One of my little non-resolution, resolutions this year was to try and do more things I've never done before. I'm not talking like climb Mount Everest/life changing leaps. I mean the little things like travel somewhere first class or go trampolining. 
So this year so far I've been just trying to do a bit more than being sat on my arse watching Netflix.
This includes; getting my make up done professionally, visiting Conwy Castle, going to Shrewsbury twice, going to the cinema, going out for food more etc etc.

Now its getting warmer and Summer's approaching, its making me think of all the things I want to get done whilst the weather is warm and all the things I want to do before the year is over.

Go To A Festival
 I already have V booked so this is pretty much guaranteed to happen. I'm 26 and I've never been to a festival!

Go Away By Myself
 I have this absolute fantasy to just go away on my own and get a really nice hotel and just explore a city on my own. I'm really thinking York or I would love to go to London but I think I would get so scared on my own. 

Go abroad
 I haven't been on a sunny holiday is like 8-10 years. I am determined to get away this year. 

Wear A Bikini
Again I don't think I've worn a bikini anywhere for so long and there are so many cute ones out at the moment

Travel First Class
Ok I actually have once for Disney and it was incredible but I would love to do it again. I think I would especially like to do it back home, which is usually a 4 hour ride. I get so anxious on trains, just once it'd be nice to relax and feel like I'm treating myself. 

Have A Real Tan
Not from a bottle, not via a sunbed. An actual tan I've achieved by sitting in the sun.

Go On a Boat
 In Chester they have boats down by the river; either pedal boats or boats that go down the river and I've still never been. In fact I've never done any of the touristy things you're supposed to do in Chester, and I've lived here 8/9 years

What's on your Summer bucket list?


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