Desk Tour 2017

It wasn't too long ago that I posted a desk tour, in fact you can see my previous, from November here and whilst the basics haven't changed I have had a few new cute editions. Mostly little christmas gifts like my cinema light box my housemate got me and my lights in a jar my sister bought and recently I bought the cutest little white heart box to store things to do and spare wires etc. And where possible I try to get flowers and candles on my desk as I think it gives me a better atmosphere and vibe when working. And my cats like to attack and try to eat the flowers so that keeps them happy.

I think its super important to give yourself a good working environment to get shit done, thats tidy, clean and motivating to the individual.

I've also recently bought a small set of Alex drawers  from Ikea, in grey, that are soon to arrive, and they will slot nicely under my desk, which is also from Ikea. I think I'm probably going to store make up in there, as currently its all stored in boxes, no where near a mirror and so unorganised it makes me want to cry.
I also have my gorgeous new armchair which I featured in my post here, which is the comfiest thing ever and has motivated me a thousand times more to do work at it. Just look at it, isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen.


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