Blogging Goals For This Year

Oh hi there. Look at me with my fancy new domain name. I have tried about 3 times to get a domain name and I couldn't figure it out and then today I log onto Blogger and Google asked me if I would like to buy a domain name, and guess what? I did. So with a couple of clicks and typing my bank deets in, I have a domain name. Now I've conquered that, which for me is a HUGE achievement, I've been thinking about all the things I want to achieve with this blog and how I want to change how I think.

1. Don't Let My Mental Health Consume Me So Much I Stop Blogging

 This happens a lot. I have periods where I just don't write anything sometimes it is genuinely cause I'm so busy and sometimes its because I just feel useless. I have voices in my head that tell me what I write isn't good enough and compare myself to people who started around the same time as me but are 'more successful' in my eyes because they haven't gone months without writing because they couldn't summon the energy to. But I've never had anyone say this in real life. In fact I usually get very nice things said so I need to shut them voices up a little more.

2. Be More Honest 

The blogs I like to read are the ones where the writer talks openly and frank about things they're going through/have gone through etc. I just always worry so much about what will people think. But if you meet me in real life, I'm very frank, very honest, I'm crass and I don't give a shit what people think. But in blog world I worry about writing about certain topics. Blog me and real life me need to merge a little more I feel.

3. Stop Beating Myself Up And Be Prouder Of My Content 

I dont have the glossiest looking blog photos. I'm at a basic level of understanding html. I work a full time job and a social life I like to maintain, so sometimes I don't blog every day. I don't have a cute fancy name for my blog like The Flower Fairy Butterfly Princess blog because I'm not very inventive and have zero nicknames. I am what I am, this blog is what it is, I need to just accept that and stop comparing myself to others.

4. Setting More Time Aside To Blog 

In my spare time I tend to aim to write blog posts and then I'll sit at my desk and I'll watch Buffy or play with my cat. And then I tried to remember how I was at Uni, and I was the same, easily distracted and probably still watching Buffy, except when I'd go to the library and take myself away from comfy beds that I end up napping in and distractions. So lately I've forced myself to go to coffee shops and after the initial anxiety of having people read over my shoulder or oh my god, what if I go to a coffee shop, can't find a table and then have to awkwardly drink it quickly and leave and everyone will be like, look at that weirdo. I now have extremely productive days in coffee shops and then when I need to get home, I tend to finish posts off at my desk.

5. Have More Fashion Related Content 

I love writing lifestyle pieces, I like beauty reviews and I want to get better at doing my own make up. But ultimately my biggest passion is in fashion but I don't feel like that always comes across because I don't have a photographer who can follow me around and take candid photos of me in street in cute outfits. Whether I stick to mirror pics or start re-doing outfit photos in my bedroom I want to put more fashion content on here. Maybe a few style posts? I'm not sure but thats the direction I want to start going with.


  1. This is a fab post Hannah; I absolutely love it! :) Some of my blogging aspirations are the same as yours in the most and it feels so relatable and lovely, hehe :) don't worry about times were you can't post as often as you'd like to. It's qualoty not quantity lovely and your beautiful personality shines through every post you publish :) I also adoreee the idea of going to get my work done in coffee shops :D Xx


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