You're Story Isn't Over Yet- Project Semicolon

I've just read an article online about the incredibly sad news that Amy Bleuel the founder of the semicolon project has tragically passed away after a twenty year battle with mental health. 
Before I read this article, I did not know Amy's name, but I knew lots of about the project and I can name a dozen of my friends who all have that tattoo proudly blazoned on their skin. 

Me and a couple of friends two years ago decided get the tattoo imprinted on us after losing a dear friend to suicide, who ironically was also called Amy. It's my favourite tattoo and whenever I feel like  I want to give up, I look at it and remind myself it can get better. 
Mental health has such a stigma towards it but people like Amy Bleuel have helped raise awareness and helping others realise its not such a scary thing to talk about. She has created a legacy.

I didn't know you Amy and you didn't know me but your project has helped save mine and countless others lives. I hope you can finally rest in peace. 


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