This Works- Sleep Pillow Spray Review

I dont have the easiest time with sleep. I love it a lot. I like naps in the day and I like long lie ins but getting to sleep and staying asleep has always been a problem of mine. I have suffered with sleep disorders such as insomnia and night terrors in the past and now I am a little more at ease with my sleeping life but I still struggle. 
I shared here a couple of things I've done to try and sleep a little easier. I tend to keep my phone away or at least on night mode, I like incense and candles as well as reading before bed.
I'm definitely a night owl and my energy comes just before bed and I usually work till late so unwinding is extremely important to me. I have tried lavender oils etc before and I liked how soothing they were. So I heard about This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray on Buzzfeed and as I tend to buy everything Buzzfeed tells me, I purchased it straight away. 
I then shared a picture of it on my Insta and saw that so many people were raving about it so I was super excited to try it. 
I sprayed a little on my pillow and bedding and firstly my cat stared at me pissed off, the way cats do if you spray anything they aren't a fan of. I fell to sleep about 11/12 feeling very calm and soothed. Usually I wake up a few times every couple of hours in the night but to my surprise I woke up once at 5am, which is so good for me and then I woke up just before my alarm was due at 8. I felt like I had slept so much better than I ever have. I didn't wake up tired or groggy like I usually do. I was ready to get on with the day. I can't wait to try it again tonight. I couldn't recommend this stuff enough. 

Buy yours here.

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