How Primark Got Their Groove Back

Can we talk about Primark's lingerie range currently? Yes all these pieces are from Primark. I was scrolling through insta one day as I do every day and I saw this gorgeous pink little bralet and thought ooh that looks like Topshop. So I clicked the pink to see what was tagged and bizarrely I saw Primark tagged so I thought as its a flat lay, it must be something else in the picture. so I scrolled down to the caption and comments and couldn't believe it when it said that it was from Primark. 

So the second I got paid I marched down to Primark (actually I forgot about it and then I went into Primark for nipple covers, a week later, for a V neck body I just bought from Missguided and I saw them there and remembered and blew £150, but lets pretend for this story I went immediately after seeing the insta pic), so there I am marching away and I went and picked one up in nearly every colour they have. With matching pants because I'm not an animal. The bralets are £8 and pants are £3. So that's £11 for a brand new set of cute underwear. They have them in S, M and L sizes. I bought a Small, I'm usually a size 8 and C cup, and it fit really well. 

In general lately Primark have got so much in there. I feel like they go through fazes of me buying everything in store, to I can barely find anything I like and currently they are the former. 


  1. This underwear is so cute! Definitely heading to Primark to pick some of these up x


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