A Really Late February Favourites

I know. Its the middle of March, in fact I just checked a calendar and its nearly the end of March but its been a busy few weeks for me and I just haven't got round to writing this post, soz. 

BuzzFeed Unsolved

I love anything a bit spooky or weird. I love serial killer documentaries, I love horror films, I like conspiracy theories. I'm basically a little weirdo. I also love BuzzFeed. Its my most used app after Instagram and Deliveroo. One day I discovered BuzzFeed Unsolved and I've been hooked ever since.  Its basically a little series where they discuss various unsolved mysteries and cases. From OJ Simpson to various hauntings. 
You can either watch it on the app, if you go to the Video section its on there or you can watch it on the BuzzFeed Blue Youtube page here and look for Unsolved videos. I spent hours looking through them, all alone in my house at night, which I would not recommend to anyone. As well as the weird murders, ghost and mystery involved in the episode I also absolutely love the two guys who present it, Shane and Ryan. They are so funny and during those times when I'm home alone and I've convinced myself a murderer is about to walk through my door. Their humour makes me feel at ease.

Bullet Journalling 

I first dabbled in bullet journalling for being organised and for work bits but then gave up because my heart wasn't in it. Then I read about Bullet Journalling as a way to keep track of your mental health and fell in love with the idea, so I immediately went to paper chase and bought a journal and the fancy pens I could afford and began writing in it. Every week I evolve it and add something new or take pages away that I didn't use and its become part of my daily routine, just to check in with myself and assess how my day is going. Its also good for when I'm looking back and reminding myself that if I have a bad day, I had a bad day last week and had a great day straight after. Its not all hopeless.

This Works Pillow Spray 

I reviewed This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray here. Its honestly been an absolute God send and I've slept a thousand times more peacefully since. 

Leopard Print 

There's nothing new to see here. My love for leopard print is timeless. In fact as I type this I'm sat in a Leopard print teddy which I've casually worn all day. I'm especially in love with these Leopard print boots I bought from Primark. I featured these on my Instagram here. Also read my post here about how I defined my style.


I've ended up there twice in two weeks and visited the same burger place Lyons Den, which I reviewed here. I need to go back for a proper day out because the shopping looks so good. 

Self Love

I'm my worst critic and I can be so hard on myself so I've been working on my self love over the last year. I even got a tattoo of a heart to remind myself to love myself. I wrote a post on Valentine's Day about just how important all love is. Read it here


  1. Love this!!! I am obsessed with BuzzFeed Unsolved the guys are so funny and they talk about the conspiracies so well!!!! would love it if you check out my blog xxx https://blonde-hairdontcare.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I definitely need to check out BuzzFeed Unsolved! xx


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