5 Ways You Can Define Your Style

I think defining fashion styles are often over complicated and a little misunderstood. But I believe that defining your personal style can help simplify things when shopping for new threads to add to your wardrobe and your understanding your personal style can help you reflect your personality through what you wear. Fashion has always been a way for centuries that humans have an outlet to have fun and show the world exactly what you're about.
There are so many different types of 'style' whether its classic, glamorous or bohemian. No individual is ever 100% one type. I think everyone is a little bit of a hybrid between two or three or more.
Over, probably, the last five years I've grown confident in my own style and develop ways of defining it and I thought I would share them;

1. Find Your Fashion Spirit Animals 

By now you either consciously or subconsciously have a few celebs/ friends/ social media influencers styles you have thought "Ooh I like the way that they dress". If you're really not sure browse a magazine or something like pinterest or Instagram and start screen shotting certain individuals looks you really are drawn to. I always end up searching hashtags such as #fashion and end up 4 hours later  in an Insta-hole. I keep an album on my phone to later look at when I'm trying to decide on outfits and need a little inspo.

My personal style icons are; Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Lily Melrose, Nicole Richie and Chrissy Teigen.

2. Label your Style with Key Words

Pick a few key words that represent for you what your personal style is. Mine used to be sophisticated, preppy and classic.
But lately I would say I'm more classic, chic, feminine with a little hoe. By that I mean I like uncluttered yet trendy, clean looks which is the classic/chic element.  And then I've been really drawn to light pinks and purples, lace and skirts which is the feminine element. And then the hoe is thigh high boots, shirts as dresses, lace up low cut tops and a little leather.

If its not as easy for you to pick words that do describe you, maybe start with words that don't. For instance I'm not loud, exotic or flamboyant. I'm never really drawn to bright patterns or colours. And if you're still unsure maybe ask a friend or family member what words they would use to describe how you dress.

3. Decide What Are Your Personal Wardrobe Staples

Look through your wardrobe. What items do you have a lot of. Do you have a thousand dresses or are you really into your jeans. Is there a particular colour you always buy because you know it flatters your skin tone or do you like the monochrome vibe. Do you wear more flats than heels. All of this will help you determine what you like and what you don't like. Find the things you like to wear and go with it.
Wardrobe staples will vary person to person. Personally mine are a pair of neutral coloured jeans (not blue or denim!), chelsea boots, a good quality leather jacket, a pencil skirt, a neutral coloured coat (not black), black leggings, oversized jumpers and shirt dresses.

4. Play To Your Strengths

We all have parts of our bodies we love and those parts we hate. For instance I like my long legs, but I hate my knees. So I try where possible to show my legs but not knees. So I like well fitted leggings, jeans or trousers or if I wear a skirt I wear tights or over the knee boots with it. Know what you like to accentuate on your body and go with it. Buy clothes that show of or accentuate those parts.

5. Stay True To Yourself

Whilst you may want to try a style because its cool or you think you should. If you know its not you, be confident with that and stay true to yourself. I would always encourage someone to try new things because you genuinely never know if something might suit you. I never thought I would like a sportier look but recently I've bought a few pieces that I love and I feel really comfortable in. I don't think you'll ever see me go out in a tracksuit, because thats not me but I will wear an Adidas oversized shirt with leggings and chelsea boots. Wear what you love and what makes you feel amazing in because like I said your style and fashion is all about you and your personality.


  1. Amazing advice! I think it's very important to work toward defining your personal style, and these are some really easy & effective ways to achieve that!

    Rebecca | morerebe.com

  2. Great tips! My pinterest is full of fashion spirit animals! xx


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