15 Essentials I Cant Travel Without

I always come over prepared because I fear not having everything I need on me more than anything else. I live 4 hours away from my family so I find myself travelling quite a lot and today I find myself travelling once again for my dads birthday. Other than the usual on point outfits, make up, iPhone and deodorant I thought I'd share my other travel essentials;

1. Notepad and Pen- For my Bullet Journal

2. Magazine- Vogue for outfit inspo

3. Tablet for Reading Books- I would be lost without my Amazon Fire

4. Sunglasses, Gloves and an Umbrella- British weather though

5. Chewing Gum and Snacks- I'm not nice when I'm hangry

6. Water- Got to keep hydrated

7. Medications- Because I'm forgetful. Plus I always carry a form of pain relief because I'm a baby

8. Phone Charger and Headphones- Because iPhone batteries are balls and spotify is my therapy

9. Make Up Bag- Usually filled with 10 lipsticks, 1 tampon and Carmex because there's nothing worse than chapped lips

10. A Scarf- That doubles as a pillow on the train because I'll nap anywhere

11. This Works Pillow Spray- For getting to sleep in strange places

12. Hair Brush- Because my hair gets knotty AF

13. Tissues- Because my eyes and nose constantly stream and just in case the station toilets are all out

14. A Jumper- Always pack and extra one because I always get so cold and you may need extra pillows, see 10 for more details

15. And my Passport- because I carry it everywhere just in case one day I need to flee the country last minute

Bag: Primark, £14


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