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Bullet Journaling

I like to be super organised. I'm not naturally organised. I'm not a naturally tidy person. I'm quite forgetful and I can never remember birthdays unless I check out someone's Facebook page but this year I'm trying to be more organised as when I'm not I feel stressed out and I hate chaos. 

I'm also a massive fan of stationary. Paper chase is on my way in to work and I spend a large majority of my wages there. I think I've probably bought 5 diaries in the last year and countless notebooks. But every diary I find is never the perfect diary. I'll buy a small one and realise I want a bigger one. I'll buy a bigger one but never use it because it doesn't fit in my handbag. I don't like the fonts or the way the pages are laid out or some of the content included.
When I heard about Bullet Journaling, I knew instantly this was a band wagon I would be jumping on because I like stationary and I like to be organised and this was my way of designing the perfect diary  I never had before. 
I started one I think in like September time for my blog, when I was at my most active with posts and it was great and productive and then I used up all the book and couldn't find the perfect one to replace it. And in all honesty, life got in the way and I didn't feel at my best so I kind of gave it up. 
Recently I saw a few articles on BuzzFeed that inspired me to start again but this time use it as one for life/blogging/mental health as these are the three topics most important to me. 
I've found it a really useful tool, a great little hobby and a way of self care.

Things you will need

-Notepad: Personally I like a non ruled one and use a ruler to draw boxes and lines but everyone's preference is going to be different. Some will like big fancy colourful notepads. I like a simplistic black leather style one. Pick whatever suits you and your personality. 

-Something To Write With: I'm really picky with pens. I have specific brands I like and I really hate just plain biro but also the ones I have picked stress me out because they don't dry immediately and can smudge, so I have to take my time with it. I chose a few colours that compliment each other that I knew I would like. I wanted blue, my favourite colour, gold, because to me it symbolises strength and its my star sign colour, pink, my second favourite colour and black, the same colour as my soul. 

-A plan: Before I drew in my book I planned out what I wanted to put where on a separate piece of paper, but still ended tearing out pages. I was the same in school and university, I would write up my notes in a separate book and if I made a mistake I would rip out the page and start again. Its so silly but I'm a perfectionist. After I ripped out two pages and made another mistake I stopped myself from ripping out anymore and am just trying to accept the flaws. 
As I said I read a few Buzz Feed articles and scanned a few Pinterest pages on what styles and different types of pages people use to get inspiration.

You can also use stickers and add bits of paper. You can be as creative as possible or you can just keep it simple with one pen and one notepad.

Things to Remember

-It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect: The Bullet Journals on Pinterest are probably perfect copies that are not representative of what someones journal actually looks like. There will be scribbles and spelling mistakes. 

- Its Personal and Tailor Made: The point of a journal is for you to read and for to keep track of whatever you want to keep track of whether its health, work, mental health, tasks, finances, or all of the above. I personally have kept work out of mine because I have an actual diary for that and because I use my journal a lot on my days off, I don't want to reflect about work on my days off. 


  1. Definitely going to be trying this! I just never think I have variety in my life for it to be worth while, same thing happens week in weeks out! Maybe I'll do one for my blog posts though!
    This has definitely inspired me!xx

  2. Love this post! I've been keeping a journal all of this year so I can keep track of everything x


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