Happy Valentines Day

I like Valentine's day. As a single person who probably will not be receiving cards or flowers, I am told I should hate it. I should stalk my exes and post funny memes. And I may do the latter but Valentine's Day isn't just about relationship love. 
Its about celebrating all kinds of love. And I feel like the way the world is at the moment we should cherish every kind of love there is. 
I am forever grateful for the love I feel from my family and my wonderful friends. I have the most supportive and inspiring people surrounding me and I probably don't tell them that enough.
And the biggest love of all, we need to cherish, is self love. We live in such a weird world; we're told we need to love ourselves more but not too much because that's arrogant or being 'up yourself'. Whatever that means. The world might be a better place if we all remembered to love ourselves a little more.
My self love journey is never an easy one but I always remind myself that life is really short and that I will not do things to please others that are toxic to me. I will not be apologetic for things I cannot control. I will always put my happiness and health first and I will always voice how I feel. That's why a year ago I got a heart on my wrist to remind myself to love myself no matter what.

Today treat yourself to that thing thats been in your ASOS saved list for a few weeks. Run a really nice bubble bath and listen to whatever music makes you happy. Watch your favourite film and stock up on snacks. Leave the washing up and treat yourself to a takeaway and don't feel guilty about it. Or cook that recipe you've been thinking about for weeks. Do something for you to remind yourself you're worthy and you love you.

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. These are great ideas - I hope you had a good Valentine's Day! x



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