The Life Changing Magic of Staying Away From Social Media

Last night before bed I decided to delete my social media apps to see how long I could go without re-downloading them. And in fairness, I lasted until about 19.30 when I redownloaded instagram and even then I just glanced at it for 5 minutes and started writing this post but I've just focused on this and not even had a little itch to see what people are up to and I've still not even touched twitter or snapchat. 

I do think social media is such a powerful and useful tool. But I feel like lately its become a place of negativity for myself. I find myself comparing myself to others etc or even just worrying about how I am perceived and overthinking everything. 
I spent most of the beginning part of the week feeling like crap and pretty unmotivated so as I said last night before bed I deleted everything. 

What I found was once I had got over that habit I have to grab my phone and check everything. When  I remembered I had deleted everything I went and did something else instead;
I cooked, I cleaned my entire house, I took photos but didn't feel the need to post them straight away (I did later but I'm only human), I just sat and listened to music and just listened with nothing else going on, when I watched tv I actually watched it, rather than aimlessly scrolling through things, I read books in the day, which I only ever usually do before bed, I played video games, I lost track of time because I wasn't staring at my phone constantly but most importantly I felt better.
 I didn't compare myself to anyone, I didn't second guess myself and I just felt good about myself for the first time in a week. 

I do always feel that if I had to I could happily live on a quiet farm somewhere with no internet, I'd probably still need tv because thats just who I am as a person, be away from society and live off the fatta the lan and I'd be k.

 I'm not promising now I'm going to delete all social media and go live on a desert island but it was eye opening how different I felt and how much more productive I was. I think its going to be aim this year to distance myself and live a little more without a phone in my hand. 


  1. This is a great post! I waste so much time on social media, I really need to work on using it less x


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