My 2017 Fuck Budget

If you haven't read 'The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k' I really couldn't recommend it enough.
I'm a caring person which is one of my favourite things about me and also my downfall. I give the people in my life everything and then I don't always get the same back and I give too many fucks. In the book Sarah Knight urges you to make a fuck budget.
 For every thing you are going to give less fucks about you mention something worthwhile you are going to give more fucks about and this is my fuck budget.

I've interpreted blogging as work for this purely because I like my actual job and I don't to get sacked. 


Less Fucks: Wasting time on social media
More Fucks: Being more active. Exercising. Discovering new hobbies

Less Fucks: Being sorry for when I'm ill. I can't control it. I no longer give a fuck
More Fucks: Spending more time making my body and mind mentally and physically healthier so I spend less time being ill.

Less Fucks: About the breakdown of relationships that just weren't meant to be
More Fucks: Remembering I'm a fucking queen and I would have made an incredible girlfriend and anyone who leaves, didn't deserve to stay.

Less Fucks: Comparing myself to others and where they're at in comparison to me
More Fucks: Self love

Less Fucks: About worrying about what people will think about if I discuss my mental health
More Fucks: About educating people about mental health and hopefully it'll help someone somewhere. 


Less Fucks: Getting upset about friends that have gone without a trace
More Fucks: Cherishing the incredible friends I do have that make an effort

Less Fucks: About worrying about disappointing friends because I need time to myself for my mental health
More Fucks: About my mental health. 


Less Fucks: Comparing myself to where other bloggers are up to
More Fucks: Creating content I am proud of

Less Fucks: About Followers
More Fucks: Reaching out to current followers 

Less Fucks: Beating myself up that I don't fit to a schedule and sometimes I can't post because its not my full time job
More Fucks: About creating content when and if I can and when I feel fully motivated to do so. There is no point doing something half assed.


Less Fucks: Worrying I'm missing out on living away from home
More Fuck: Keeping in contact more and trying to speak at least 3 times a week to immediate family

Less Fucks: About how many times so and so has visited me
More Fucks: Spending quality time with the people I love.

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  1. I loved this post! I need to read this book, I've heard so many good things about it! Also the opening sentence to this post did make me chuckle a bit xx


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