January's Favourites

Working Out 

I have thought about posting progress pics but the only before pics I have are nudes I've sent to boys and I don't feel like the world is ready for that yet. So you'll just have to trust me but working out has really helped shape my body into something I'm proud of. My goals are never to lose weight but to always use exercise as a place to vent and I want an ass like Khloe Kardashian. So its working out ok.


I've been making my way through Joe Wickes's Lean in 15 books. I love to cook and its something I'm passionate about but admittedly lately the most gourmet thing I've done is add tinned tomatoes and cheese to chicken flavoured Super Noodles (which FYI is the best meal there is). The recipes are super easy and taste incredible. Its not the cheapest as its a lot of fresh ingredients so on occasion I've substituted things like fresh thyme for the dried version. And it tastes just as good.

Staying Away From Social Media

I wrote a post about it here the other day. I love social media. I think its powerful and can help in so many ways but sometimes it can be a place of negativity as it isn't always honest and it can make individuals compare their lives a little too much so a break every now and again is healthy.

Being a Female

Never have I ever felt more proud to be a female recently. Especially in the last week of January. Inspired by the Women's March on Washington there's been a lot of lady love on social media. I'm definitely a girls girl. Don't get me wrong I get along with guys really easy and some of my closest friends are guys but I'm a female for females. I stand by that I will never hate on an ex's new girlfriend just because she's dating an ex. In fact I usually feel sorry for them because in a few months time they'll realise what a fuckboy they really are.  In fact one of my closest friends is actually my ex's ex. And I feel like more females out there should take this approach.
I am surrounded by powerful incredible females from my friends to my bestest friends of all; my sisters. Whether they're a mother battling with two kids, a husband and a full time job to battling with mental health for the last few years or someone who's just come out of a long relationship and getting out of their comfort zone. All of them are uniquely strong and inspire me everyday. 


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