I laugh harder

Yesterday will always be known as the day that Kim Kardashian resurfaced on social media. But also it'll be known as the day I got my third tattoo. 

Like all my tattoos, as I have discussed in this post about my tattoos, I have wanted this one for a very long time and has a lot of meaning to me. The other night me and my housemate got drunk and I convinced her to come get her first tattoo and my third that I have wanted for so long.

 I have always loved the song 'Survivor' by Destiny's Child. The opening verse in particular has always really spoke to me and its one of probably 5 songs I can listen to every day and never get bored of. Its something I have always on my Pep Talk Playlist and something I always try to embody. 

For a long time my favourite phrase was 'Everyone leaves' and for years I convinced myself that it was my fault that people would come into my life and then go again. In particular one big person in my life left and I beat myself up for a long time, that I could have done more and that it was my fault and let it take a toll on my mental health. But last year as I've mentioned countless times. I took some time to love myself a little more.

 And I now know that obviously I do not control people. People leave because of their own issues and their own reasons and if in anyway they left because of my actions or they couldn't handle my mental health at the time. Then they are probably not the people I want to surround myself with. And the big person I spoke about who left my life, only left because I asked them to because I decided several years ago I didn't want to be around people who affected me in a negative way, no matter who they were and that I couldn't get people to change no matter how hard I tried.

The lyric before my tattoo says "You thought that I would be sad without you.." and then as my tattoo says "I laugh harder". Its not really aimed at one person in particular, other than me. Its just a reminder that people will come and go from my life, because that is life but I will always be ok and I will never be as sad as I think I will be. 


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